Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture - 1,000mg

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Looking to try a Little Pot, but without any of the THC. Little Pot's Broad Spectrum CBD oil contains zero THC! This oil has been known to help with mild to severe anxiety, stress, pain management, and people have reported getting better sleep when using our Little Pot CBD tincture. 

Suggested Serving Size:  1 Full Dropper 

Mg per Serving: 33.3mg ( 1 full dropper )

Potency: 1000mg

Potency per Full Serving: 33.3mg

THC Level: 0%

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum

Third Party Lab Tested: Yes

Flavor: Natural  

All of our products are made in the United States using organically grown hemp.


  • 5
    Broad spectrum cbd tinture

    Posted by Sam on Feb 2nd 2021

    Wonderful product, has made a positive improvement in my ability to focus and recall. Great customer service too!!

  • 5
    I love this product!

    Posted by Sophia A on Dec 9th 2020

    I love this product! It was given to me as a gift and now I am reordering because of how effective it is for my sleep. My sleep has drastically improved for the better. Thank you!!

  • 5
    Quality Product

    Posted by Jimmy P on Dec 7th 2020

    I use it for stress, and I notice a difference now when I’m dealing with stressful situations. I seem calmer and I’m control of my emotions. It’s crazy but I’m a believer. A Little Pot does help!

  • 5
    Part of my Daily Routine!

    Posted by Timothy on Nov 22nd 2020

    Works great, I take it right under my tongue before I leave for work in the morning and man does it help with my day. I notice that traffic isn’t as bad, and that work tends to be a bit more enjoyable. Great products!

  • 5
    Better Sleep

    Posted by John Beezet on Nov 22nd 2020

    Works great! I added it to my night routine like the salesperson said and it really does help me sleep through the night! Extremely happy with my little pot! Keep up the work guys!

  • 5

    Posted by Jill Young on Sep 29th 2020

    I’m a stay at home mom with two young kids and this little guy helps with my anxiety throughout the day! Not only do my kids appreciate my calmer tone, it’s helped me deal with my anxiety and better sleep. Highly recommend it!

  • 5
    Way Better Sleep

    Posted by Eric T on Sep 28th 2020

    After taking it for a week straight I noticed a true diffrence. I take it when im getting ready for bed and man it really does help.

  • 5
    Better Sleep

    Posted by Jaime_t_54 on Sep 5th 2020

    Really works, I take it before bed and I finally sleep through the night! Thank Y’all!

  • 5
    CBD and my postpartum

    Posted by Adriana Slaughter on May 5th 2020

    I had my third baby five months ago and I have struggled so much with my postpartum depression and anxiety. I took some anti depressants for a couple months but I didn’t like how it made me feel and all the weight that accompanied that. So I took to a much more natural remedy, CBD! I have slept better, wake up in a better mood, and have more patience with my kiddos. They deserve a happy calm mommy and Little Pot CBD has helped with that. I recommend it to anyone I know! Do yourself a favor a do some self care with their CBD

  • 5
    Works great!

    Posted by Adam V on Jan 6th 2020

    I use it every morning with my coffee to start my day off. I am an auto technician at a corporate dealership, Little Pot helps me manage my emotions and stay calm while a working with people and vehicle repairs.

  • 5
    Little pot cbd tincture

    Posted by Shane on Jan 6th 2020

    Great product. Keep it up.

  • 5
    Loved it!

    Posted by Sheryl on Jan 6th 2020

    I’m currently taking one dose and I can make it thru the whole day unlike other cbd companies where I would have to take up to 3 doses per day.